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Taurus Christmas Event

Hello Friends, A Bumper offer has come inside Taurus App, about which we are going to discuss today. Friends, if you do not know, then let me tell you that on the occasion of Christmas.

Taurus Apk has been specially brought for you by Taurus Christmas Event. In this event, you will get a lot of cash. Therefore, do not miss this new update and participate quickly. If you want complete information about Taurus Christmas Event.

Then read this post completely, I am going to give you all the information about Taurus App New Event.

How To Download Taurus App

Friends, first of all if you do not have Taurus Apk then you will have to download Taurus App. For this you have to click on the Download Button given here.

Now on the page that has opened on your mobile, you will see the download option, click on it, after that Taurus Apk will be downloaded.

Taurus App Download 2024


What Is Taurus Christmas Event

Friends, Christmas Festival is starting from 25th December, so especially on this occasion, Taurus Game has brought a great event for you. In which you will get good gifts from Santa. Friends, this event is going to run from 25th December to 31st December.

Because this event is starting on the occasion of Christmas Festival, hence it has been named Taurus Christmas Event. You will get to see this event inside Taurus Application.

How To Participate In Taurus Christmas Event

Friends, to participate in Taurus Christmas Event, you have to open Taurus App 2023 and in it you will see an Event Page, you have to click there. Now, whatever events are going on and upcoming events will be shown in it.

In this you will get to see an event by winning a lucky one which is our Taurus Christmas Event. Now to participate in it you have to click on the Lucky Draw option. Now Spin will happen, after this you will get Get Chance, click on it and invite your friends by sharing that link. If your friend downloads Teen Patti Master from the link and login with mobile number, and he gets 3 Round Teen Patti Game.

If you play, you will get 1 chance. In this way you can get 30 chances every day. After you get the chance, you will get a chance to spin in the event page. You have to click on the Lucky Draw option being shown in the middle. After this, you will get an attractive gift wherever your spin stops.

Taurus Christmas Event Rules

Friends, if we talk about the rules of Taurus App Christmas Event, then you will see Rules and? You will get to see a mark, click on it, after which you can see the rules of that event inside it.

Friends, according to the rules, you can avail the benefit of Lucky Draw on the same day when you have shared your referral link from the Event Page and through the same link your friends have downloaded Teen Patti Master Game, and Teen Patti Game is included in it.

Have played 3 rounds within. Your friends download the game from your link, sign up with their real mobile number and play the game, only then you will get a chance to spin. Friends, this chance will be valid only till the day your friend sings up.

That means it will be valid for one day only. And to get the chance of Lucky Draw in this event, you will have to share the referral link from this page, only then you will get this chance. If you share the link directly to Teen Patti Master Apk then it will not be valid.

How To Win More Gift In Taurus Christmas Event

Friends, to win maximum gifts in Taurus Christmas Event, you will have to invite as many people as possible.

And as people download New Teen Patti Master Apk from the referral link of Teenpatti Master App sent from your New Taurus App and login with their mobile number, and then play 3 rounds inside Teen Patti Game, then you will get 1. Will get a chance.

And similarly, if he plays 20 rounds in 0.5 Boot Amount table and if he plays 5 rounds in 1 Boot Amount table, then you will get a chance to win a big gift i.e. from Rs 11 to Rs 1 lakh. In a chance of 3 rounds, you get a chance of only Rs 5 to Rs 100.

You will get one chance if you invite 1 friend but if you invite more friends you will get more chances and you can earn more money.

Taurus Christmas Event

Teen Patti Master Apk 2023

Friends, Teen Patti Master App will be downloaded from the link shared by Taurus App 2023 through which you can create your account with your mobile number. Along with this you will get a welcome bonus of Rs 20. Besides.

you can earn money by playing different games given inside it. 3 Patti Master App gives you instant withdrawal and your money does not get stuck anywhere.

Taurus App 2023 New Update

Friends, if we talk about Taurus Apk 2023 New Update, at this time you get good earning by promoting Teen Patti on this app. In this app, along with promotions, you can also earn money by participating in the events you see in it. Friends.

Now you do not get to see any Teen Patti Game in Taurus App in which your money is stuck and there is some scam with you. Therefore, the Teenpatti Game given in Taurus App is very good and safe.

Friends, if you want all the update time of Taurus App 2024, then definitely bookmark this website because here I am going to give you information about all the new updates of Taurus App.

Notice -: Teen Patti Game involves financial risk. This card game can be addictive. Please play at your own risk. Only 18+, Teenpatti App does not allow players from Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Telangana, Sikkim, Odisha, Karnataka to use and play due to government policies.

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